Coban it’s a consolidated but dynamic company of electronic engineering, able to develop software and hardware projects, primarily in the field of automation existing for more then 15 years.
Our goal is’ to offer an efficient service to realize customer needs. The quality of service and products together with a perfect timing are the keys of success of our company.

Coban has a qualified technical department for research and development for special purposes and in fact has achieved over the years an important experience in the design of special machines with customized software and hardware based over customer specifications. Thanks to the fact of having kept inside the company the strategic products know-how, Coban can guarantee technical support pre and post-sales much better than reality ‘purely commercial.

A decade of experience of those who work and thorough knowledge of the market allow the implementation of projects using the components economically and technically more suitable to the customer needs.

In addition, the knowledge and the constant collaboration with business realities in the different fields of industry (electrical panels, pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical) allows us to represent the point of reference of the customer who needs the complete realization of machines and plants of various types.

The ability to customize the various products, allows customers of one hand to differentiate itself from its competition and the other to “retain” its customers.

Coban also manufactures and markets a series of electronics modules oriented primarily for automation purposes, able to use the common communication protocols (CANopen, Modbus RTU / ETH, Ethernet), allowing the realization of even the most complex projects of automation of machines and plants .


Design and production systems with FPGA XILINX

Development of software and firmware for embedded systems

Design of specific control systems

Controls and plants supervisory

Domotic Systems (DALI)

Production of components for automation

Design and production of cards based over microprocessor / microcontroller (Fujitsu 8-16-32bit - Cortex M0 - M3)

Object oriented application development software for Windows in C/C++

Consulting in the implementation of industrial communication protocols

Tele-Remoted systems and supervision