EC System

It is a series of general purpose modular units dedicated to automation, which can be driven via Ethernet or CanOpen or SoftPLC.
In this products family we can include:
CanOpen Analog and Digital I/O Units
Modular systems from 1 to 8 sub-modules integrated into a CanOpen slave node.
This boards family currently is available in following modules:

  • EMA106 : 16 DI Module
  • EMA105: 16 DO Module
  • EMA107: 4 DI 8 DO 2AI 2AO Module
  • EMA131:4AI – 4AO Modulle

CanOpen specialized units
Units that can operate in special functions:

  • EMA178: Single axis positioning module provided with different output types: step-direction, CanOpen (To a external drive), stepper. This module can execute trapezoidal and ‘S’ motion profiles
  • EMA183: Single stepper axis. It include also 1 encoder input to verify correct positioning, 16 general purpose digital I/O, humidity and temperature sensors.
  • EMA184: PWM Module and I/O functions, provided by:
    N. 8 DI (general purpose)
    N. 6 DO (general purpose)
    N. 1 DO (power 220V)
    N. 8 DO (controlled by a “pwm type functions” )
    N. 5 AI (general purpose)
    N. 1 AO (general purpose)

CPU Modules
Units able to drive the above descripted I/O modules

  • EMA171: Double processor (ARM M3 144 Mhz) provided by:
    N. 2 CanOpen Master interfaces (to drive EC units)
    N. 1 CanOpen Master Interface to generics CanOpen devices.
    N. 1 Ethernet interface with supervision tasks and bridge Ethernet to Can functions
    N. 1 RS485 serial interface with open functions and Modbus RTU to connect to a operating panel or to Coban graphics display
    It’s possible to develop a user firmware (specifications requires) in ‘C’ language (Eclipse IDE)
  • EMA144: Single CPU processor (ARM M3 144 Mhz)
    N.1 CanOpen Master interface (to drive EC units)
    N.1 Ethernet with Modbus ETH protocol
    N.1 Interfaccia Seriale rs485 serial interface with RTU Modbus
    Programmed using standard IEC61131-3 (LD,IL SFC, ST, FBD), using a Pc programming tool.


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