Analog signals control card.


The card in figure has been developed to handle analog signals.
The control logic used has been developed for handle generic digital signals and use a versatile FPGA logic. The analog resources interfaced by AD and DA converters are controlled, with a double asynchronous serial connection over USB connection, by a PC.

The card has the following resources:

  • 8 analog outputs using two DA converters model AD5754
  • 32 analog inputs using four AD converters model AD7734, of witch 12 directly connected to the AD inputs and 20 with four analog multiplexers and buffer to raise the readout input impedance. The multiplexer may also readout the voltage generated by the DA outputs and to monitor the analog power supplies.
  • The AD and DA of the card receive for their operation the voltage generated by a reference generator of model ADR421.
  • The card has also a digital thermometer and a I2C memory useful to keep calibration information.


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