Remote control and supervisions system

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Coban in specialized in designing of turnkey systems for M2M, Remote Control and Supervision .
We can provide a solution with a complete service, from the design of custom electronic card to the implementation of the full software stack infrastructure, starting from the embedded firmware to the software and services for the Cloud Computing.
Our systems support basic functionality as access authentication, the real-time control devices, data logging, alarms notifications (email, SMS …), firmware upgrade from web.
Our electronic boards can interface directly to the network by Ethernet cable or via GPRS for remote locations depending on your needs and application.
Our systems are accessible from the Internet with generic browser, then we can support any device or operating system for remote access, from the PC, Tablet to any Smarthphone.
We can create upon request specific software application for the main smathphones Operating Systems, Android, IOS, Windows Phone…