Main control board.


The card in figure has been developed to control stair lift systems.
The main control board may operate alone or in connection with a second one thanks to a power line communication bus over the drive chain.
In the two card systems, one is installed on the lifting platform and the other one is in the control panel with power supply and chain motor driver.
The card is controlled by a Cortex-M3 microcontroller and use a double PsOC micro controller to implement the safety control systems.

Below are summarized the card functionality:

  • Card to card communication over power line bus.
  • Safety system managed by two Cypress PsOC3 microcontrollers, operating in redundant structure with self checking procedures.
  • 8 digital inputs with optical insulation.
  • 4 digital inputs normal.
  • 8 digital outputs.
  • 2 DC motor control outputs, with speed and direction control and motor current monitoring.
  • 1 quadrature signal encoder input.
  • 1 RS485 communication bus.
  • 1 control port for digital inputs and motor driver expansion card.
  • 1 display control port.
  • 6 analog inputs 0-10V range.
  • 1 expansion port for serial buses or CAN bus.
  • 1 USB host connector for firmware upgrade or to copy on a memory key machine operation logs.
  • 1 real time clock chip battery back upped.
  • 1 EEprom or Fram memory.
  • 1 serial flash memorye.

EMA0153 on EMA0152

The above figure show the main card connected to the expansion card.

Digital inputs and motor control expansion card.


The card in figure has been developed to expand the digital inputs and the motor control ports of the main board.
The card is controlled by the main control board through a synchronous serial port and is internally managed by a Cortex-M3 micro controller.

Some of the card features are:

  • 16 digital inputs.
  • 3 DC motor control outputs, with speed and direction control.
  • 1 high current DC motor control output.

Display interface card.

EMA0136_02_T EMA0136_02_B


The card in figure has been developed for system management by user or by operator.
The card is managed by a micro controller and is connected to the main card with an asynchronous serial bus.

Some of the card features:
Dot matrix graphics 128×64 dots monochrome LCD dispaly with RGB backlight.

  • 7 user buttons for value selections and for menu navigation.
  • 1 buzzer to produce acoustical advice.


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